Workstyle Reforms

We promote our activities with a vision to make a state where everyone plays an active part autonomously with valuable work regardless of time or place

Workstyle Reforms Committee

A group crossing project chaired by the Group President, called Workstyle Reforms committee was established after tackling efforts with the word Balancing results and time-efficiency to promote new working way aimed at improving work life balance.

Reflects Balancing results and time-efficiency to evaluation items

We established a new category which asks both managements whether they can provide appropriate guidance about Balancing results and time-efficiency to member, and members whether they perform appropriate business in consideration of Balancing results and time-efficiency. This category is reflected in business evaluation.
※Measures implemented solely at main companies

Flextime system

Septeni group introduced Flextime system as a first step with some exceptions. We maintain the environment where member can produce results through relaxing the restriction of working hours and providing choices to work.

▲The Report on transition to the Flextime system released in the intranet

Efforts and Achievements of Workstyle Reforms

  • 2011Started efforts of Balancing results and time-efficiency
  • 2015Established A group crossing project called Workstyle Reforms committee
  • 2016Introduced Flextime system
  • 2017Preperation for introducing teleworking

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