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Digital Marketing Business

Business model

In the Digital Marketing Business, the core business of the Septeni Group, we provide comprehensive support for the digital transformation (DX) of customers such as the sale and operation of digital advertisements, offering solutions through the utilization of data and AI, and supporting marketing activities through the integration of online and offline advertisements in collaboration with the Dentsu Group.

Operating companies in different business domains

Group Company List


    Digital marketing support business

  • Septeni Japan, Inc.

    Digital marketing support business

  • MANGO Inc.

    Digital performance advertising operation business

  • HighScore,Inc.

    Digital marketing support business


    Ad network and platform business

  • Septeni Ad Creative,Inc.

    Planning and production of Internet advertisement creatives

  • Septeni Data Solutions,Inc.

    Intermediate holding company of data & solution domain


    Planning and development, sales of data & solution domain


    Development support and career support for software engineer

  • Tricorn Corporation

    Customer relation management (CRM) service business

  • Milogos, Inc.

    Digital marketing support business

  • PRIME X.Co.,Ltd

    Internet realty marketing business

Group Company List(Overseas)

  • Septeni Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

    Digital marketing support business based in Asia Pacific

  • Septeni America, Inc.

    Digital marketing support business based in North America

  • Septeni Global G.K.

    Digital marketing support business based in Japan and Overseas

  • Septeni China Limited

    Digital marketing support business based in China


    Digital marketing support business based in South Korea

  • Lion Digital Global LTD

    Digital marketing support business based in Southeast Asia


    Planning, development and other web service business

Market Environment and Business Features

Scales of the Digital Marketing and Mass Advertising Markets (units : \bn)

The size of the digital advertising market exceeded 2 trillion yen and is expected to continue to grow.
Digital advertising is diversifying as technologies are advancing and consumer behavior changes.

Expansion of the Business Domain

In response to changes in the market environment, we include domain expansion in our Midterm Business Policies, which we announced in October 2019. We are expanding from the existing digital advertising into new domains where we support the digital transformation of customers.