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Priority Challenges

The Septeni Group and Sustainability

Companies cannot conduct business without a sustainable and sound society. In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the international community, there is a strong demand for actions to build a sustainable society. A globalized, diversified and complex society has many issues, and it is no longer possible to consider the various impacts separately from business activities.In order to carry on business and develop together with stakeholders, it is imperative that companies actively address the issues and continuously work to solve them.

We believe that, for the realization of a sustainable society and the Septeni Group's mission of "To inspire the world with entrepreneurship," contributing to solving social issues through our business is what the society and stakeholders are demanding. With this idea at the center, we have promoted the CSR Committee's activities since 2016.

Moreover, we reorganized the CSR Committee into the Sustainability Committee in January 2022. With the aim of enhancing our corporate value, we actively discuss sustainability activities, KPIs and data disclosure related to sustainability.

Priority Challenges in the Spteni Group

From among many social issues, we have set five priority challenges based on a comprehensive determination of what stakeholders expect of the Septeni Group and the importance to our business. We promote sustainability activities in line with these challenges and conduct reviews regularly to update the activities.

  • Step 1

    Identify Issues

    Identification of social issues based on the SDGs, ISO 26000 and other international standards

  • Step 2

    Confirm Priority Issues

    Comprehensive determination of the importance of issues to the Septeni Group’s businesses and stakeholders’ expectations of the Septeni Group by the CSR Committee (the CSR Committee was reorganized into the Sustainability Committee in January 2022.)

  • Step 3

    Identify Priority Challenges

    Confirmation of appropriateness and identification of priority challenges by the Board of Directors

Priority Challenges and Initiatives

Priority Challenge Initiatives in FY2021 Initiatives in FY2022 Contributions
to the SDGs
Development of
High-Quality Human
Development of a comprehensively streamlined data-utilizing HR value chain that spans fromhiring and onboarding to learning and development

Publication of research reports
Based on our uniquely constructed HR value chain, we use our accumulated databases and contribute to the maximization of human capital by supporting HR management under a work-from-home system, etc.
Industry Development
through Utilization of AI
Leveraging AI in HR technology field
Provision of “HaKaSe Onboard,” a DX
service that supports employee onboarding

Leveraging AI in digital marketing field
Provision of “Odd-AI Creation,” a method of display advertising creative production

Leveraging AI in HR technology
We began to offer “HaKaSe Onboard,” a DX service that supports employee onboarding, to outside companies.

Leveraging AI in digital marketing
For the post-cookie era, we develop and provide "Precog Base," a new data privacy-sensitive measurement infrastructure building solution.
Diversity &
Group-wide Diversity Month
Diversity Awards

Promotion of women’s participation
Group-wide support for women’s careers

LGBT initiatives
Awareness-raising activities through LGBT & Allies Network

Measures against discrimination and harassment
Anti-harassment training seminars

We have continued to hold Diversity Month and Diversity Awards.

Promotion of women’s participation
Formulation and publication of Digital HR Guidelines

LGBT initiatives
Awareness-raising activities through LGBT & Allies Network

Measures against discrimination and harassmen
Anti-harassment training seminars
Support the Sound
of the Digital Advertising Industry
Initiatives related to brand safety and ad verification

Preparation for influencer marketing and cookieless environment
We work on brand safety, ad verification, and other initiatives to improve the quality of advertising.
Support for Culture,
Sports and the Entertainment Industry
Support for culture
Founded a digital animation studio "Qzil.la"

Support for sport
Support for athletes
Participation in professional dance league "D.LEAGUE"

Members of the professional dance team Septeni Raptures visited schools around Japan and interacted with around 300 students. They are working on to increase popularity of street dance.
Additionally, Qzil.la, the anime studio we established to promote technology-utilizing DX in the anime industry, is releasing various types of productions.