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Terms of Use

This website (www.septeni-holdings.co.jp here in after called this website) is managed by SEPTENI HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. (here in after called our company). Please read the following Terms of use before you use this website. Use this website only when you agree to these terms. We may change the Terms of use without advance notice, please always confirm the latest contents.

3.About trademarks

"SEPTENI HOLDINGS", the SEPTENI HOLDINGS logo and the product/service names used on this website belong to our company and affiliated companies, and are also trademarks or registered trademarks to be used based on license and legal privilege. Other company names and product names are business names, registered trademarks or trademarks respectively. Use these without notice is prohibited.

4.Exemption clauses

We are concerned with and pay full attention to every aspect when publishing information on this website. However, we don't guarantee whether this information is correct, useful or true, whether it meets your expectations, or whether it's safe or not (no function interrupts, no errors, bugs, no computer viruses or other harmful contents on this website, its server, etc.) We are also not responsible for trouble, loss and damage caused by using the information published on this website or by using this website.

All the services/contents published on this website may be changed or canceled without notice. Please also acknowledge that we may change the information published on this website or suspend or stop the operation of this website without notice. We take no responsibility for any damage caused by information changes and suspension/termination of operation of this website, whatever the reason. We also take no responsibility for the contents of any website that is linked on this website.


  1. Activities that violate third parties or our company or privacy, and activities that may cause legal violations.
  2. Activities that bring damage to benefits of third parties or our company, and activities that may cause damage.
  3. Activities that are offensive to public order and activities that may be offensive to it.
  4. Criminal activity and activities those are connected to criminal activity and activities that may cause the above.
  5. Activities that are illegal or obscene under law or regulations, and activities that may act against laws or regulations.
  6. Activities that we consider as inappropriate.

6.About applicable law and competent court

The description and application of this website and its terms of use confirm to Japanese law. The trial exclusive competent court for all the conflicts regarding this website should be the Tokyo District Court unless otherwise indicated.

Notice on creating links

1.Link location

The link location you're going to set should be https://www.septeni-holdings.co.jp/ Please specify it's the website of our company.

2.The method of link setup

Please choose one of the following methods to setup the link

(1)Company name

SEPTENI HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. (SEPTENI HOLDINGS)<a href="https://www.septeni-holdings.co.jp/">SEPTENI HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.</a>
*Please specify our company name properly, using SEPTENI HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. or SEPTENI HOLDINGS as the link name.

(2)Link icons

<a href="https://www.septeni-holdings.co.jp/"><img src="https://www.septeni-holdings.co.jp/img/common/img_terms01.jpg" width="90" height="30" border="0" alt="SEPTENI HOLDINGS CO.,LTD."></a>

Link icon use guideline

・It's forbidden to use other logos or icons as a link button except the above link icons.
・Please don't download these link icons to your local disk. (Only use the provided pattern. It's especially forbidden to change the text or graphic design.
・Please use these link icons only for the purpose of linking to our website.
・We reserve the rights to stop using these link icons or change their shape, size, and design, etc. at any time.

Other precautions

We strictly prohibit the publication of links of those sites that contain contents that defames our company and our products, services and reputation, or has illegal contents (including contents that may be illegal), and the establishment of those links concerning illegal activities (including activities that may be illegal) as well as those which concern illegal activities and those may damage our reputation.
We may change the information published on this website or suspend or stop all of this website or a part of the operation without notice. These terms of use may change without notice. If these terms of use are changed, please follow the changed ones.