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The Septeni Group’s Strengths and Culture

The Septeni Group’s greatest asset is its human resources, which have strong senses of ownership and entrepreneurship. To leverage them fully, the Group uses a personnel system using AI technology to maximize the value of its abundant database of human resources data.The unique corporate culture of the Group enables it to make the most of its human resources. The Group develops new human resources, which inherit and improve the corporate culture. This is one of the characteristics of the Septeni Group.

Septeni Group Strengths

Human resources with strong senses of ownership and entrepreneurship

Human resources with a strong sense of ownership and a strong entrepreneurial spirit that focus attention ahead of others on the growth markets and social issues of the near future, generate big waves and attempt to solve issues are the source of the Group’s strengths.

Abundant human resources data and technology

To enable entrepreneurial human resources to fulfill their potential, the Group uses a system that transforms employees into capable staff as soon as possible and optimizes the allocation of human resources based on a vast database.

Development of High-Quality Human Resources

Septeni Group Culture

The Group undertakes initiatives enabling each employee to demonstrate their own entrepreneurship without worry.

Familiarizing the Corporate Philosophy & Code of Conduct

The 7th Code Project, a cross-functional volunteer project, works to familiarize the corporate philosophy and code of conduct, the core of the Septeni Group's culture, with its employees. The chairperson of the project is Representative Director Koki Sato. The project undertakes a variety of initiatives to help employees enjoy increasing their understanding of and empathy with the corporate philosophy and code of conduct.
Systems to support employee growth

Systems to support employee growth

  • Personal development system

    A system providing funding for employees to attend outside seminars and business schools. The program covers 70% of the total fees, to a maximum of 70,000 yen.

  • BLP management program

    A management training program focusing on cultivating officer candidates. Participants are publicly sought, and selected participants can attend outside business schools for two years free of charge.

  • Side business system

    The Group promotes diverse ways of working and believes that individuals should acquire skills and add to their experience through activities beyond just their duties within the Group and this enables them to contribute more fully to the Group.

Growth Opportunities

  • Essay contest

    Every year, the Group sets a theme related to the future of the company and invites employees to submit essays about the things they are able to accomplish, and the things they should accomplish under that theme. Awards are given to excellent works.

  • gen-ten

    The gen-ten in-house new business planning contest is held every year. Highly motivated employees with business plans that earn high marks in the contest are given the chance to commercialize the business at a subsidiary focused on business incubation.

Opportunities for recognition

  • Annual MVP

    At the Group’s annual kick-off meeting attended by all Group employees, this award is given to the individual or team that accomplishes the greatest achievement.

  • 7 Stars Award

    Seven individuals with the greatest achievements in seven fields are chosen semiannually to receive an award by a vote of all employees.
    (Only at major companies)

Expressing Gratitude to the People Who Support Us

We continue to express our thanks to the people who always support the members of the Group.

  • Summer gifts, year-end gifts

    “We should express our thanks to our customers through our performance. However, we, as companies, do not often have opportunities to express our gratitude, and we would like to take these opportunities to express it to the people who always support our companies and employees,” said Honorary Chairman Mamoru Nanamura. We present summer and year-end gifts every year with letters discussing our situation to the families of employees and to our partner companies.

  • Family appreciation day

    We invite employees’ spouses and children, who support our employees every day, to the office and give them an office tour and let them communicate with their loved ones’ immediate supervisors to deepen their understanding of the company.

  • Hinerankai Award

    The Hinerankai Award is an event where employees send messages of gratitude to each other. During the event, more than 20,000 messages are sent throughout the Group. The most moving messages are recognized at the Group kick-off meeting.

Working with a Feeling of Security

The Group undertakes a variety of initiatives enabling employees to work with a feeling of security.

  • countermeasures regarding COVID-19

    With the aim of balancing the elimination of infection risk, safety assurance, and stable business continuity, we have been quick to take measures against infectious diseases, such as recommending telecommuting from the end of February 2020. As a result of measures including the development of infrastructure and the sharing of internal case studies, the average attendance rate at work between March 2020 and April 2021 was 14%. We are taking measures to adapt to changes.

  • hug-kumi Committee

    This committee is a cross-functional project supporting working women and childcare and improving the work-life balance of every employee. The chairperson is the Group’s representative director. The committee has introduced a system to help employees with the cost of babysitting and gynecological examinations.

    (Only at major companies)

  • Health management

    We conduct annual health checkups with the aim of early detection, early treatment, and prevention of various diseases, including lifestyle-related diseases. Female employees also have the option to undergo gynecological examinations.
    In addition, we offer monthly online consultations with an industrial physician, subsidies for influenza vaccinations, and group vaccinations for applicants.

  • Working time management

    We track working hours by recording PC logs (from startup to shutdown) in the attendance system to grasp working hours. If an employee's working hours are likely to exceed the standard, the system sends an alert notification to both the employee and their supervisor, who then confirms employee's work status and manages the situation accordingly Additionally, for employees whose overtime hours exceed a specified limit, we conduct industrial physician consultations.

Involvement in the Company and Sense of Ownership

The Partnership section in the Septeni Way, the Group’s code of conduct, states, “We all work hard, in competition and in cooperation, from the perspective of the management team to build a better company.” This is truly reflected in the Septini Group culture.

  • Recommendations to management

    Twice a year we call for ideas and proposals to make the company better. Employees with proposals present them to officers, who immediately decide on accepting the proposals. A variety of proposals, including those for new businesses, initiatives for revitalizing the organization, and employee welfare, have been accepted and implemented.

    (Only at major companies)

  • A volunteer project culture

    Cross-functional volunteer projects are actively moving forward, including the 7th Code Project, which works to familiarize the Group philosophy with employees, the hug-kumi Committee, which aims to support working women and childcare and improve the work-life balance of every employees, The LGBT-related SEPALLY RAINBOW, and ECHO Project, an environmental project.