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Media Platform Business

Business Model

In the Media Platform Business, we have developed platform-type businesses related to “employment,” “social contribution” and “childcare,” and businesses that utilize the Group assets in industries other than the digital advertising industry, focusing on areas of potential growth in the near future and social issues.

  • Employment Platform Business: ViViViT

    ViViViT is a platform for matching designers with jobs through portfolios (winner of the 2020 Good Design Award). To date, 600,000 creative works have been posted, and a cumulative total of 2,700 companies have used the service, creating over 100,000 matches.

  • Platform Business of Social Contribution: gooddo

    gooddo is a platform that balances support for the activities of non-profit organizations and other groups and marketing and public relations efforts of companies, providing opportunities for individuals and businesses to contribute to society. With the concept of “making social contribution activities a part of everyday life,” it addresses social issues by establishing a system that turn individual interest in social contribution into actual action.

  • Childcare Platform Business: TowaStela

    TowaStela plans and operates digital media and e-commerce in the field of childcare. It aims to realize the vision of “creating the most enjoyable era of parenting” through the operation of the e-commerce site “Babyful,” which brightens family's special days, and the planning and management of the gift shop “amanoppo” for moms, dads, and children.

  • Management of a specialized matchmaking service for dating and marriage, and planning and sales of cosmetics: ALPHABLE

    ALPHABLE aims to realize its vision of “to make you more attractive” through the operation of the profile photo service specialized in dating & marriage activities, “Photojoy,” the fashion coordination service for men, “FUKUJOY,” the wedding consultation service for men, “HERO Marriage,” and the planning and sales of the men's cosmetic brand “MULC.”

  • Planning, development and operation of content IP business utilizing the blockchain: 3RD GEAR

    3RD GEAR aims to pursue the creation of new value for creators and embodies its mission of “exporting Japan's unique content experiences.” It aims to establish new global marketing methods for Japanese anime and game IP, and provide products for IP fans utilizing the borderless nature of blockchain.

  • HR Technology Business: Human Capital Lab

    Human Capital Lab aims to contribute to the “maximization of human capital,” which will become a significant theme in Japan's future. It provides tools and solutions utilizing the AI matching system “HaKaSe,” which enables personalized optimization of talent development, and supports the construction of comprehensive HR systems from recruitment to training.

Group Company List

  • Vivivit, Inc.

    Employment platform business

  • gooddo Inc.

    Platform business of social contribution

  • TowaStela, Inc.

    Childcare platform business

  • ALPHABLE, Inc.

    Management of a specialized matchmaking service for dating and marriage, and planning and sales of cosmetics

  • Human Capital Lab, Inc.

    Providing solutions that utilize an AI matching system, and supporting design of recruitment and training system

  • 3RD GEAR, Inc.

    Planning, development and operation of content IP business utilizing a blockchain ecosystem


    Co-creation support for corporate design

  • PERF, Inc.

    Participating in the professional dance league “D.LEAGUE,” operating teams, and cultivating D leaguers

  • LIVAND, Inc.

    Supporting the promotion of DX in the entertainment industry

  • Septeni Incubate, Inc.

    Development and nurturing of new businesses