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Support for Sound Development of Digital Advertising Industry

The Septeni Group promotes initiatives centered around 'Three Promises by the Septeni Group,' a policy for the sound development of the digital advertising industry.

The Background of the Policy

The Septeni Group initiated its digital advertising business in 2000 and has expanded its operations thanks to the support of stakeholders as well as market growth. However, the dramatic increase in Internet usage and the rapid advancement of technology have posed various challenges to the digital advertising industry. We acknowledge the growing need to provide solutions to these challenges.

In light of these circumstances, the Septeni Group is actively promoting activities under “Three Promises by the Septeni Group,” a policy for the sound development of the digital advertising industry.

The 'Three Promises by the Septeni Group' summarizes the fundamental ideas underlying our daily business activities, serving as a more concrete and business-related policy in our digital advertising operations.

We aim to build a mutually beneficial relationship with our stakeholders (beneficial for the seller, the buyer, and society) and contribute to the development of a healthier, richer, and more attractive digital advertising market through actions based on the 'Three Promises by the Septeni Group.'

A policy for the sound development of the digital advertising industry
Three Promises by the Septeni Group

(1) Sincere response

We consider integrity to be the basis of everything we do and act in the spirit of right and wrong rather than gain and loss. We will always be aware that conveying useful information to society in an appropriate manner will lead to trust in digital advertising, and we will work in cooperation with stakeholders to bring smiles to all concerned.

(2) Improvement of quality

We will observe all relevant laws, regulations, and rules agreed upon with related parties, and strive to improve our service quality through continuous education and improvement, with the aim of building internal operations that are less prone to accidents and wrongdoings.

(3) Pursuing possibilities

We will continue to develop new technologies and methods to enhance the value of digital advertising and increase stakeholders’ satisfaction.

Establishment: November 2, 2016


Internal Awareness and Education

We conduct regular training with the aim of understanding laws and regulations related to our business, guidelines established by industry associations, and rules of each advertising medium, and applying them to our operations.

Incorporating Stakeholder Feedback

At the Septeni Group, we conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey for client companies, and we utilize the responses to improve our services and internal structure. Additionally, COMICSMART, which operates GANMA!, strives to improve its services based on user reviews.

Addressing Industry Challenges

  • Ad Verification Initiatives

    To address issues in digital advertising such as ad fraud due to invalid traffic and ad display on inappropriate sites, we are advancing efforts towards ad verification.

  • Affiliate Advertising Initiatives

    We comply with the guidelines for affiliate ordering by the Japan Advertising Agencies Association and are continually improving to ensure clean affiliate operations.

  • Influencer Marketing Initiatives

    To prevent various troubles related to stealth marketing and to ensure that all influencers can engage in creative activities and information sharing with peace of mind, we have published the “3-minute manual for preventing stealth marketing supported by WOMJ,” supervised by the WOM Marketing Council, on GANMA!.

Efforts to Improve Advertising Quality

As stated in 'Three Promises by the Septeni Group,' our policy for the sound development of the digital advertising industry, we consider integrity is the basis of everything we do and act with the spirit of 'good over gain'. Based on this belief, we are promoting initiatives related to ad verification with the aim of protecting advertisers' brands and contributing to the sound development of the digital advertising industry.

  • Brand Safety

    We apply and regularly update blacklists provided by our partner companies and lists such as IHC and CODA provided by advertising industry associations to various advertising media to ensure that advertisements are not delivered on inappropriate surfaces. We also collaborate with various ad verification vendors to provide solutions as needed.

  • Ad Fraud Measures

    We have prepared various solutions with the aim of detecting and reducing all fraudulent (invalid) traffic, such as inflated impressions by machines and clicks by bots, and provide them according to the needs of advertisers.





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