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Press Releases

Septeni Group has participated in "D.LEAGUE", a professional dance league in Japan

-Welcoming a dancer akihic☆彡 as a director, organized a professional dance team "SEPTENI RAPTURES"-

Septeni Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Koki Sato, Securities Code: 4293) established PERF, Inc. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yuki Yanagi), aiming for operating professional sports teams and sports-related business. PERF organized a professional dance team called "SEPTENI RAPTURES" with a dancer akihic☆彡 (akihiko) as a director and participates in "D.LEAGUE", a professional dance league in Japan.


The Group develops new business segments following the mid-term management policy "Domain Expansion" and is focusing on developing business in "sports domain" as a new business segment. At PERF, which was established as a new company, one of its business areas is dance, which is a fusion of "sports", "culture art", and "entertainment", and the company has formed the professional dance team SEPTENI RAPTURES. As a team director, akihic☆彡 was appointed, who has won many famous dance contests and battles, appeared in commercials, choreographed songs and danced backup for famous artists and performed on stage. SEPTENI RAPTURES will participate in D.LEAGUE, the professional dance league in Japan, which will start in January 2021, and aim for the top.

Through the management of SEPTENI RAPTURES, PERF will contribute to the development of Japanese dance scene by raising and supporting professional dancers.

【About D.LEAGUE】

D.LEAGUE is a professional dance league from Japan, established by D.LEAGUE Inc. to develop and popularize street dance in Japan and to produce professional street dancers, new value in art, sports and business, and a new world where dancers play a main role.
In the league, eight teams consisting of eight members owned by eight participated companies compete with each other in the regular season with twelve sessions from January 10th, 2021 (Sun).
Each team's performance is judged and graded according to D.LEAGUE regulations through twelve rounds in total, and the top four teams will be selected. After the regular season, the four teams will participate in a championship match, and the first season champion will be decided in late June.

D logo_-thumb-400xauto-5753.jpg

【About dance team "SEPTENI RAPTURES"】

■Origin of the name: Rapture means extreme pleasure, happiness or excitement.
The feelings that "the team aims for having precious moment with extreme joy and excitement experienced through dance with anyone involving in RAPTURES" is expressed in the name.
■Team members: will be announced on social media and website after 8am on August 19th.
■Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/SEPTENIRAPTURES
■Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/septeniraptures/

【About director akihic☆彡】

Started to dance at the age of 12 and performed in various genres, establishing his own dance style.
He is the one and only entertainer who delivers dance, fashion and music in a unique style and has won a number of contests and battles, appeared in commercials, choreographed artists and performed back dances and on stage, as well as produced an apparel brand "acSTARR TOKYO", has DJ activities as DJ AAKIE.
In October 2017, he established a dance company "BIG CHEESE company!!", which he produced entirely.


Record of awards: JAPAN DANCE DELIGHT VOL.18 champion /TOKYO DANCE DELIGHT VOL.5・8・21 champion /OSAKA DANCE DELIGHT VOL.20 champion /DANCE ALIVE FINAL 1st. season champion /DANCE@HERO 2nd season champion /SDK Europa team battle champion

Maki Ohguro "IDENTITY" back dancer
w-inds. "Kawariyuku Sora" choreography/PV performer/back dancer
SE7EN "Start line" choreography/back dancer
WISE(TERIYAKI BOYZ) "Shine like a star" choreography/back dancer
May-J "DO tha' DO tha'" choreography/back dancer
AKB48 "UZA" choreography
SKE48 "Escape" choreography
and more

CM appearance: SONY Xperia/adidas original/bevarage "amino SUPLI" and more

May, 2015: made a major debut as Beat Buddy Boi
October, 2017: moved on from Beat Buddy Boi and established BIG CHEESE company!!

【About PERF, Inc.】

■Trade name: PERF, Inc.
■Address: Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Grand Tower 11F, 8-17-1
Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
■Representative: Representative Director Yuki Yanagi
■Date of establishment: March 2, 2020
■Capital: 70 million yen
■Stock holder: Septeni Holdings Co., Ltd. (100%)
■Fiscal month: September
■Business: Operating professional sports clubs and sports-related business

Inquiry about the news, sponsors and suppliers:

PERF, Inc., Yanagi
E-mail: info@perf.co.jp

Inquiry about press release:

Septeni Holdings Co., Ltd., Public Relations Division
E-mail: koho@septeni-holdings.co.jp

■ Profile of Septeni Holdings Co., Ltd.

Business: Corporate management and overall control of group companies through ownership of shares and other forms of equity.
Head office address: Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Grand Tower 30F, 8-17-1
Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative: Representative Director, Koki Sato
URL: https://www.septeni-holdings.co.jp/en/