Segment Information

Financial results by segment

(units: ¥million)
    2015/9 2016/9 2017/9 2018/9
Revenue Internet Marketing Business
11,096 13,409 13,833 14,234
Media Content Business 207 601 1,163 1,324
Elimination or Corporate -108 -148 -294 -286
    11,195 13,862 14,702 15,272
Operating profit
Internet Marketing Business 3,816 5,331 5,468 4,026
Media Content Business -530 -718 -1,324 -1,051
Elimination or Corporate -378 -467 -1,820 -1,964
    2,901 4,147 2,325 1,011
Net Sales
Internet Marketing Business 61,564 73,159 72,549 72,177
Media Content Business 207 601 1,163 1,324
Elimination or Corporate -295 -559 -1,336 -1,058
    61,476 73,203 72,375 72,443

※Further, we have changed our policy and decided not to allocate corporate expenses that had been allocated to each segment, effective from FY9/18 onward. As a result of the change, Non-GAAP operating profits by segment for FY2017 have been revised retroactively based on the understanding that corporate expenses are not allocated. Though earning results before FY2016 have not been revised retroactively, these are recorded for your information.

Internet Marketing Business

In the fiscal year under review, demand for these services grew, supported by the expanded market for Internet advertising centered on performance-based advertising for smartphone users and an advertising budget shift from four mass media to digital media aimed at brand lift, an effective indicator for measuring rises in visibility for users and their willingness to buy. At the same time, diversified advertising products and marketing approaches and enhanced advertising expressions boosted growth. As a result, the volumes of transactions rose steadily for video advertising and brand advertising in the Internet Marketing Business. In the meantime, a fall in advertising for some of the existing large projects caused adverse effects. The company also invested proactively in human resources in order to bolster the organizational foundations for securing competitiveness on medium- and long-term bases.

As a result, Revenue increased to 14,234 million yen (up 2.9% year on year), and Non-GAAP operating profit fell to 4,026 million yen (down 26.4% year on year)

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  • Non-GAAP Operating profit
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  • Volumes in overseas
  • Volumes of video ad

Media Content Business

In the fiscal year under review, the SEPTENI Group carried out investments to strengthen content and products in the Manga Content Business with increases in the rate of active users and time spent as targets, while implementing online promotion to expand the media scale of GANMA!, a manga content app, on a certain scale. As a result, the number of GANMA! users increased steadily. Cumulative downloads of the app rose to approximately 10.98 million as of September 30, 2018. In addition, app revenue centered on advertising revenue grew satisfactorily, supported by an increase in in-app billing, in addition to steady sales expansion for advertising in GANMA!

From the above results, Revenue increased to 1,324 million yen (up 13.9% year on year), and Non-GAAP operating profit expanded to 1,051 million yen (Non-GAAP operating loss of 1,324 million yen in the previous term)

  • Revenue
  • Non-GAAP Operating profit
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