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Human Resource Development with Reproducibility Through Digital HR

The Septeni Group has established the “Human Capital Lab”, a research institute specializing in human resources data, to maximize the performance of each employee. We utilize this research in management decisions and human resource development.

Research Objectives

Since its establishment in 1990, the Septeni Group has shifted its business focus to the then-emerging Internet field from 2000, and has continued to grow alongside the industry while dealing with various organizational challenges.

At the Human Capital Lab, we continue our research activities with the aim of uncovering and widely sharing the “structure of human resource development” in growth industries from a scientific perspective, through the integration and analysis of the vast amount of human resources data that we have accumulated to date in our growth process.

By conveying the organizational challenges we have experienced in the process of our growth from a scientific perspective based on actual data, we believe we can offer a starting point for problem-solving for companies, especially those facing unique organizational challenges as they grow.

Research Structure

The Human Capital Lab is affiliated with Septeni Holdings and conducts research activities aimed at strengthening human resource recruitment and development, based on data related to human resources accumulated from the entire group. The research results will be made public through this website to assist in human resource recruitment and development activities.

Research Concepts and Themes

We have redefined the concept of human resource development; it is not about 'nurturing by providing necessary knowledge', but rather, it is about 'growing through accumulating quality work experiences,' and measuring and evaluating the growth process scientifically.

We have conceptualized this definition as the "HR Development Equation", and our research activities are always based on this concept.

At the Human Capital Lab, we conduct research activities in four major areas: recruitment, onboarding, development, and alumni network. We aim to provide 'answers' to human resource development based on numerical evidence, by advancing research using actual data from the process of our growth from a scale of dozens of people to the present.

Publication of Research Results and Open Innovation

We promote initiatives to apply scientific methods to human resources through the power of data and technology, centered on our AI engine "HaKaSe," which specializes in analyzing HR Development Equation data.
Aiming to assist in resolving HR challenges, we offer over 15 HR solutions and more than 30 research reports. These resources are all available for free on the Human Capital Lab website.*

*Registration via a form is required.

The Human Capital Lab

Services and initiatives based on research

Leveraging the human resources databases we have accumulated over the years, we are building HR Initiatives (an HR value chain) designed as an integrated service from recruitment to onboarding to development. The results of HR Initiatives implemented are stored in the same database, and the system is designed to continuously improve the accuracy of initiatives by applying the PDCA cycle as operations continue. By leveraging technology in this way, we strive to realize efficient and highly reproducible human resource development and maximize our human capital.


Identification of successful human resources and individual feedback

In recruitment activities, we have developed a success prediction model that uses AI to calculate the likelihood of a person succeeding after joining the company, and we use it as reference information for selection and evaluation. The calculation is done based on information, mainly the potential recruit’s personality and data available at the time of selection. Using data as a reference enables decision-making based on quantitative information instead of allowing it to depend entirely on the subjectivity and feelings of the person in charge of recruitment. It leads to a highly accurate identification of personnel who will succeed at our company. We also use data when communicating with potential recruits and support them to make a decision on joining the company. We analyze the data above and provide each person with a tailor-made “career feedback” disclosure showing what kind of growth curve a potential recruit is likely to experience after joining the company, when and what kind of factors are likely to make them stumble and what the possible solutions are. Disclosing an individually-optimized career plan to every potential recruit allows them to picture their growth path after joining the company, encouraging them to join the Group. Through these technologies and initiatives, we efficiently recruit personnel with a high chance of succeeding after joining us.

Detailed verification results in the area of recruitment

Services and Initiatives Based on Research

Online Recruiting

Through the utilization of 'post-entry performance prediction,' one of the results of our research, and an online interview system, students from non-urban areas can complete the application process from entry to informal job offers online. By reducing the burden of travel expenses, accommodation costs, and travel time for job-hunting, we have been able to attract excellent talent from a wider range of backgrounds.

Online Recruiting

Self-analysis Tool

Based on technology that quantifies the compatibility of personality and environment and optimizes performance, we offer a 'self-analysis tool' to all students. This tool objectively assesses personality and aptitude and expresses them as PR points. Our goal is to give each student the opportunity to make better career choices by utilizing this tool.

Self-analysis Tool

Providing 'COGRESS,' a Career Support Service for University Students

COGRESS is a career support service for university students, developed based on the technology of 'HaKaSe,' an AI-based talent development system. It comprises eight services, including online recruiting and self-analysis tools, each of which can be used either individually or comprehensively by registering with COGRESS. After free registration, students can receive comprehensive support, ranging from student life and job hunting to subsequent career choices.

For personality assessment, the “FFS Diagnosis” provided by Human Logic Laboratory is utilized.



Optimal allocation and development plan

After employees join the company, we conduct job assignments by compatibility based on the personality data of their team members and supervisors in order to quantitatively assess the environment individuals will adapt to most easily and determine their placements. Additionally, based on that data, we provide individuals with a report stating their strengths, weaknesses, optimum learning style and methods for adapting to the organization. We also give their supervisors a report containing the optimum communication and training methods, which supports growth according to an individual’s unique characteristics. As a result of these initiatives, we have confirmed that new employees are able to adapt and become contributors at an early stage.

Detailed verification results in the area of development

Alumni Network

At Septeni Group, we aim to provide an AI-based HR system that quantifies compatibility and optimizes employee performance widely to alumni (former employees). For this purpose, we have established the “Septeni Group Alumni Network.”

Through this alumni network, we offer career development services, share information about group news, business outsourcing and alliances, and foster business partnerships.

Alumni Member Page