Diversity Management (Take action against discrimination and harassment)

We promote various initiatives on discrimination and harassment.

Take action against discrimination and harassment of Septeni Group

We continually promote activities to ensure that each individual's strengths are fully demonstrated through creating an environment that will not cause discrimination and harassment by sex, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, thoughts, beliefs, social status, presence of disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.

Code of Conduct: Septeni Way

We have Diversity, one of code of conduct, as a guide for day-to-day actions. Diversity means that we respect all human rights and mutually recognize diversity. We work to realize working styles in which individuals can exhibit and apply their respective strengths.


We are building and acting on the group-wide LGBT & Allies Network SEPALLY RAINBOW to create a workplace where all employees are motivated to work, regardless of whether they are LGBT or not, by deepening the understanding of LGBT and increasing the number of Allies.

Extending welfare benefits to same-sex partners

From January 2018, we will revise the definition of “spouse” in our internal regulations. By submitting the appropriate documentation, employees with samesex partners can now take advantages of the applicable systems.

Educational training

We invited NIJIIRO DIVERSITY, Specified nonprofit corporation to conduct personnel training for HR personnel and ALLIES. Education using e-learning is also carried out for the purpose of acquiring basic knowledge of all employees.

Human rights awareness activities

We regularly offer training to prevent harassment and consider human rights in advertisement expression.

Outside recognition

We have constructed a system that complies with the JIS standards concerning the protection of personal information to be certified to use the PrivacyMark. We make extensive efforts to preserve customers’ personal information. ≫About the Privacy Policy