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Septeni Group Participates in Kamiyama Marugoto College's Scholorship Partners

Septeni Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Koki Sato; Securities code: 4293) will participate in a "Scholarship Partners," which aims to provide free education at "Kamiyama Marugoto College of Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship" (Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima Prefecture, hereinafter "Kamiyama Marugoto College"), a private technical college scheduled to open in April 2023. We will contribute ¥1 billion to the "Kamiyama Marugoto Scholarship Fund" and contribute to the realization of the Scholarship Fund.


The Septeni Group's mission is "To inspire the world with entrepreneurship." Our core values are human resources with a strong sense of ownership and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as an abundant human resource database and technology. We demonstrate high performance by maximizing human capital using our proprietary HR technology foundation and aim to realize our mission by empowering stakeholders and industries through our business.

In HR Technology initiatives, we have established the Human Capital Lab within the Group to conduct research aimed at strengthening human resource recruitment and training based on the enormous amount of in-house human resource data that we have accumulated over the past 20 years. We are building a HR value chain that is designed as an integrated service at each stage from "recruitment" to "on-boarding (acceptance and retention)" to "development." In particular, at the onboarding stage, we assign compatible employees by quantitatively evaluating an environment that is easy for individuals to adapt to, make new employees more competitive at an early stage, and actively work to create an environment in which each individual can demonstrate his or her entrepreneurship by making maximum use of individuality. We also disclose examples and research results within the Group, and work to create further innovation based on our own digital HR guidelines* that is set through joint research with other companies and universities. These activities have been recognized externally. We have received various awards, including the HR Technology Award, which has been awarded for seven consecutive years.

The Kamiyama Marugoto College is a five-year private technical college scheduled to open in April 2023 in Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima Prefecture. With "Technology x Design x Entrepreneurial Spirit" as the foundation of their education, they aim to foster human resources who are rooted in Kamiyama and who will drive society, "who make things happen through the power to make things."

The Septeni Group has resonated with their idea of nurturing and producing human resources who can play an active role in society through high-quality education, and decided to participate in the "Scholarship Partners" in order to support their efforts over the long term.

As a partner, the Group provides scholarships bearing the corporate name of the Septeni Group to four students in each school year of the Kamiyama Marugoto College, and collaborates with these students to engage in joint research and the creation of new businesses. In addition, we are planning to provide support for the entire Kamiyama Marumaru College in terms of business and human resources, especially in the HR field.
By providing long-term support and investment to young and talented students through public education, the Septeni Group will contribute to the realization of an innovative and sustainable society and work to increase the corporate value of the Group.

*Digital HR guidelines:

■Details and Background of Establishment of Scholarship Partners
Kamiyama Marugoto College of Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, a private technical college scheduled to open in April 2023, aims to cultivate "people who make things happen through the power to make things" that open up society through learning centered on technology, design, and entrepreneurship.
The school offers teachers and staff in order to provide high-quality education, and since it is a private technical college, it costs an expensive tuition of about 2 million yen per student per year.
The Kamiyama Marugoto College aims to become a school that students can wish to go to regardless of their economic conditions, and they believe that there should be no giving up on admission due to the school fees. Therefore, they have decided to launch a "Scholarship Partners" to realize free school fees through scholarship funds and long-term donations.

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■ Profile of Septeni Holdings Co., Ltd.
Business: Holding Company to manage group companies which mainly develop the Internet businesses.
Head office address: Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Grand Tower 30F, 8-17-1
Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative: Representative Director, Koki Sato
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■ About "Kamiyama Marugoto College of Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship"
Website: https://kamiyama-marugoto.com
Official note: http://note.com/kamiyama_kosen
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