Major Stock-Related Events

Content Number of shares after increasing
Oct. 29,1990, Company established.
Aug. 9, 2001 Listed on JASDAQ. 1,000 new shares issued for capital increase through public offering. 8,710 shares
From Apr. 15, 2002 to Dec. 19, 2002 803 treasury shares acquired.
July 19,2002 One-for-three split of common shares executed. 26,130 shares
November 20,2003 One-for-two split of common shares executed. 53,464 shares
Apr.19.2004 Selected as loanable stock and as institutional margin trading stock.
From Oct. 21,2004 to Oct. 31,2004 189 treasury shares acquired.
May 20,2005 One-for-two split of common shares executed. 113,506 shares
From Sep. 14,2005 to Sep. 30,2005 894 treasury shares acquired.
From July. 19,2006 to August 1,2006 1,000 treasury shares acquired.
May 8,2007 Conversion of convertible bonds with yen-based convertible bond-type subscription rights maturing in 2008 completed.
July 14,2008 7,000 new shares issued for capital increase through private placement. 134,047 shares
From Apr. 1,2009 to May 29,2009 4,604 treasury shares acquired.
Dec.22,2009 2,075 treasury shares acquired.
Oct 1,2013 One-for-200 split of common shares executed (with the share unit scheme introduced). 26,996,200 shares
Oct 1,2016 One-for-5 split of common shares executed. 138,641,500 shares

※The numbers of shares of stock mentioned in the table above represent the numbers of shares at the respective times.

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