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Notice of Group's Acquisition of Shares of Lion Digital Global Limited (making it a subsidiary)


SEPTENI HOLDINGS announces its decision to acquire the shares of Lion Digital Global Ltd.("Lion & Lion"), a digital advertising agency operating in Southeast Asia, through Septeni AsiaPacific Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), SEPTENI's overseas subsidiary, and the conclusion of the share transfer agreement dated today. Details are as follows.

1. Reason for Acquisition of Shares
 The Group has been actively expanding its core business of digital marketing overseas since2012, which has grown to approximately 9.3 billion yen in terms of the volume of global business in the fiscal year ended September 2015, with eight overseas offices at present. Meanwhile, Lion & Lion operates a total of four offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong as of 2016, employing approximately 160 employees from more than 20 different countries to run its digital advertising agency, which has maintained strong growth since its establishment in 2012.
 Lion & Lion's net sales in FY2016 are expected to total approximately US$23 million (approximately ¥2,320 million; ¥101 to US$1.00), providing the company with one of the largest market shares among the digital agencies in Southeast Asia. Lion won awards in multiple categories for two consecutive years in the SEA Agency of the Year event that commends advertising agencies in Southeast Asia, which is an example showing the company's competitiveness and presence in the region.
 Further, Lion & Lion has strengths in smartphone advertising and social media advertising, which is also one of SEPTENI's focal areas. Lion & Lion's future alliance with the Group will help strengthen its business in Southeast Asia, a region that is expected to see further marketing growth, while also aiming to expand its global business.

2. Overview of subsidiary subject to share transfer 160930lion00.png
* Data other than the above are not disclosed pursuant to a non-disclosure agreement

3. Overview of the counterparty of the stock acquisition

 1. LDG Nova HoldCo Limited
* Data other than the above are not disclosed pursuant to a non-disclosure agreement.

 2. Management (three people) of Lion Digital Global 160930lion02.png
*And one other person
* The individuals above will continue to engage in the management of Lion & Lion after the company becomes SEPTENI's subsidiary.

4. Number and Value of Shares Acquired and Status of Share Ownership Prior to and Subsequent to Share Acquisition

5. Schedule

6. Outlook
 The effect of this acquisition of a subsidiary on the Company's consolidated results for the fiscal year ending September 2016 will be negligible.
 Consolidated financial forecasts for the first quarter of the fiscal year ending September 2017 and thereafter will be announced in the summary of financial results for the fiscal year ending September 2016, which will be announced in early November 2016.
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