Media Content Business

The Manga Content Business engages in the cultivation and production of Manga artists and the Manga distribution service for the purpose of planning and developing our own intellectual property (IP).
In addition, the business develops platform-type businesses related to “recruitment,” “social contribution” and “medical services” as a new business born from intrapreneurship.

Media Content Business

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Manga Content Business

The Manga content business operates the cultivation and production of Manga artists and the Manga distribution service, with the aim of planning and developing our own IP centering on Manga content.


Manga Content Business

A program to support new Manga ArtistsRoute M
We fully support creative activities of Manga artists through comprehensive production including production of 100,000 yen for production support, lending of tablets to support digitization, assistance for dedicated assistants, book production and visualization.
Dedicated studio in the officeThe Party invititing Manga Artists
Route M study meetingRoute M study meeting
A service to distribute new serial Manga works onlineGANMA
More than 135 original comic books are all free talking free read manga apps. We build a mechanism that allows readers to directly support Manga artists and support growth, such as a ranking system that incorporates readers' reviews and reviews and handwritten illustration posting functions. As of the end of November 2017, the number of downloads of applications reached 9 million in total.
2017  App Ape Award 2016
"New App Award"  "Popular vote Award"
 App Ape Award 2017
New App AwardPopular apps of the year 2017

Recruitment platform business

ViViViT is a new graduate recruitment platform which matches companies with students aspiring to be IT engineers and web designers. The site ensures a match between the “skills” sought by companies and the “rewarding work” sought by students and shares their values, bringing job-hunting and recruitment activities to a more satisfactory conclusion.

  • ViViViT, matching-type platform for recruiting designers and engineers


Platform business of social contribution

gooddo is a platform for ensuring compatibility between the supporting activities of non-profit organizations and other groups and corporate marketing and public relations activities to provide consumers and businesses with opportunities to make social contributions. Under the slogan of making social contributions into everyday activities, we will construct a system that converts individuals’ interest in social contributions into practical actions in a bid to resolve social issues.

  • gooddo, Social Contribution Platform

gooddo Inc.

Medical platform business

Pharmarket is a platform through which it purchases immobile stock from dispensary pharmacies and sells it on to other pharmacies. By reducing the risk of discarding stock which places a financial burden on pharmacy management and providing the necessary medicines at low prices, Pharmarket is helping to support the running of pharmacies.

  • Pharmarket, Platform of intermediate distribution of Ethical drug

Pharmarket Co.,Ltd.

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