New Business

At the Septeni Group, young staff members develop new businesses in the in-house venture Hineran-ka.

Serving as one of our core businesses today, the Internet advertising business was originally one of the new businesses launched in 2000.

In our company, an in-house venture program called Septeni Ventures launches new businesses of various types in the area of the Internet, where we operate business. With the aim of increasing the number of new businesses on a regular basis, we hold an annual internal business plan contest entitled gen-ten.

Businesses that emerged from this in-house venture program and which the Group currently operates include
Vivivit, a matching and recruitment platform exclusively for designers and creators,
gooddo, a social good※ platform that allows anyone to easily support social contribution
Pharmarket, which manages a medical platform to support the distribution of ethical drugs,
and TowaStela, which designs and operates digital media and e-commerce in the childcare segment.
SIGNCOSIGN, co-creation of new business and corporate design
HEDGEHOG PRODUCTS, development of applications and advertising products

Social good:a generic term for social services that support and encourage activities in the category of social contribution, or an activity of encouraging social contribution activities through the aforementioned services. The word “good” in “social good” has the meanings of virtue and righteous deeds.

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