Market Environment and Business Features

Circumstances surrounding the Septeni Group

Shift of advertising to the Internet
Scales of the Internet Marketing and Mass Advertising Markets

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Shift of Internet connections to smartphones
Number of mobile phone subscriptions in Japan Internet connection time per day
Shift of conventional media to smartphones
Shift of conventional media to smartphones

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The Septeni Group’s business areas

The Septeni Group is centered on the fast-growing smartphone-related business. Our businesses cover the smartphone market in terms of both Internet ad sales and the distribution of Manga content. We also make vigorous efforts to achieve global expansion, primarily in the area of advertising.

The Septeni Group’s business areas

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Market Environment and Business Focus of Internet Marketing Business

Market Environment

Global Internet advertising market size
Monthly active Facebook users around the world

Business Focus

Video Advertiging

Video Ad is one of mega trends of Internet Ad. This market is expected to expand approximately 2.5 times for the next six years. Our company strengthen competitiveness to enhance production system of Ad creative with founding the new company specialized producing creative content for advertising etc.

Socila Media Business Sales Trend Socila Media Business Sales Trend
Overseas expansion

We expect strong growth to continue in the global market as enhancements are made to the ecosystem. Based on such environmental changes, it will further accelerate the global business development and work to utilize both organic business growth and M&A as the dual engine for subsequent growth.

Overseas sales Trend Overseas sales Trend

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