Activities Unrelated to Priority Challenges

Here we will take a look at CSR activities that fall outside the realm of priority challenges.

Support for relief efforts following earthquakes and natural disasters

We make financial contributions in the wake of large-scale disasters that occur in Japan and other countries.
We wish to extend our deepest sympathies to the victims of disaster-hit regions, and our prayers for a quick and speedy recovery.

  • 2016:Kumamoto Earthquake
  • 2013:Typhoon damage in the Philippines
  • 2011:Great East Japan Earthquake
  • 2010:Foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in Miyazaki Prefecture

Support for young entrepreneurs

We have made our new business plan competition that used to be held internally open to the public. It provide motivated students with a platform for creating new forms of value and making attempts to commercialize products.

Support for young entrepreneurs

hug-kumi Committee

This is a cross-divisional project chaired by the president for the purpose of improving the working style of women, childcare support, and work-life balance of all employees. The committee members are selected from among candidates. In addition to monthly regular meetings and voluntary subcommittee meetings, they conduct vigorous activities and plan and undertake many different initiatives.※Measures implemented solely at main companies

hug-kumi Committee

Sponsorship of the TOUR de TOHOKU 2017

Supporting the objectives of the Tour de Tohoku organized by Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co. and Yahoo Japan Corporation, we have sponsored this cycling event ever since the first event in the series was held.

Sponsorship of the TOUR de TOHOKU 2016

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