Diversity Management (Encouraging the active participation of women)

The Septeni Group develops various measures concerning promotion for the active participation of women which is an important theme in diversity promotion.

The active participation of women with the Septeni group

There are many challenging opportunities for employees with high abilities and motivation, regardless of sex, age, nationality in the Septeni Group. Based on the idea that each employee with various backgrounds contributes to the performance with autonomous and valuable work will lead to the sustainable development of the Septeni Group, as stated by one of the code of conduct Septeni Way Diversity, We promote and support various ways of working.

Diversity (one of Septeni Way)
Using diversity as a competitive edge
We respect all human rights, mutually recognize diversity, and realize a way of working that demonstrates each individual strength.

On the other hand, it is necessary to recognize that there is a sex-specific life event called childbirth with regard to woman and potentially holding handicap due to it. We will promote initiatives to minimizing the handicap, improving the environment that can evaluate employees fairly beyond gender, and aiming for further activities of female employees in that environment.

▼A target of the active participation of women
 Female managers Ratio: 17%(2020)*Major domestic companies

Capacity development program for women

We offer two courses intended to develop female leaders in the next generation and enable women to take more active roles.
One of these courses is the female leader training workshop, which trains successful applicants who are selected through a screening process. The other is the more advanced Women Innovative Leaders (WIL) workshop. Both of these are designed to help highly motivated female trainees learn practical skills and build their careers as women, who experience a number of different life events.

Those who complete the workshops take more active roles in the Group in various ways. Some apply the skills they acquired to help solve the problems facing their divisions. There are also those who offer guidance to junior personnel, while there are others who are promoted to managerial posts.

Female leader development workshop

This is the principal course in the capacity development program for women. It only accepts employee applicants who pass the document screening and officer screening process. They learn how to troubleshoot problems, acquire leadership skills, and how to build their career as women.

  • After the workshop, I was able to understand the remarks of the president and manager
  • The workshop helped me identify my weaknesses. I will find my own leader model and build up my leadership traits and ability to attract people who follow my example.
  • The workshop helped to elevate my perspective. This has made me more positive and confident.
  • Female leader development workshop
  • Female leader development workshop

Women Innovative Leaders (WIL) workshop

This is the top level program out of the capacity development programs for women. Applicants are selected from among those who have completed the female leader training workshop. Those who pass the screening process are trained to analyze actual managerial issues, work out remedial measures, and implement them together with officers and personnel responsible for business, who serve as mentors. This workshop is aimed at deepening the knowledge the trainees acquired during the female leader training workshop through actual hands-on work. During the period, trainees are provided with three opportunities to give presentations to all the officers, including the president, and receive feedback about ongoing measures.

  • Women Innovative Leaders (WIL) workshop
  • Women Innovative Leaders (WIL) workshop

Supplementary training voluntarily offered by former trainees

Female workers who have completed the female leader training workshop voluntarily organize supplementary training for trainees currently taking the same workshop. They deepen their own understanding by communicating what they learned in the past to others. It is also an opportunity for them to pass down the passion and thoughts they have as personnel to current trainees. These are aspects that are difficult to convey in formal occasions.

Work-life support programs

We offer various support programs to help employees find the workstyle that best fits their lifestyle.

Financial support for hiring babysitters

We have created a program that provides employees raising children with financial support for hiring babysitters. This support is organized and run by the hug-kumi Committee, a cross-divisional project that aims to bring about better work-life balance. Under this program, the company covers 70% of the expenses for the babysitter service for which the company has made a contract. Fifty-three percent of the employees with children have registered for the program, and on average 17% of those registered use the service every month. The service is so popular that nearly 90% of the users have used it on numerous occasions.※Measures implemented solely at main companies

Financial support for hiring babysitters

Flexible working hours program

The Septeni Group set up a workstyle reform committee that covers all the group companies in an effort to change the way people work. The aim of workstyle reform is to ensure employees can fulfill their important roles anytime, anywhere in a truly global company. The first thing this committee did was to introduce a flexible working-hours program to create an environment in which employees can select the working style that helps them achieve their full potential.

Flexible working hours program

Awareness-raising activities

As part of our diversity enhancement efforts, we conduct many different activities to raise awareness.

Diversity workshop

We organized a lecture session in which invited lecturers spoke about the career development of women. Along with this lecture session, there was also a talk session with Koki Sato, the President and an outside lecturer about the state of diversity within Septeni.
In the question and answer session, both female employees and male employees asked a lot of questions. This was a reflection of the employees' positive attitude towards diversity.

Diversity workshop

WOMAN awards

This is an internal award program that recognizes and honors female employees in an effort to encourage them to take a more active role. It is organized and run by the cross-divisional hug-kumi Committee. Under the program, each employee casts a vote based on the criteria of women achieving a balance between career life and private life and working vividly. The hug-kumi Committee determines the prize winner based on the outcome of the voting, and presents the prize at the kick-off event attended by all the employees.※Measures implemented solely at main companies

WOMAN awards

Female ratio *As of October 1st, 2018

  • Female employee ratio(Major domestic companies)
  • Female managerial ratio(Major domestic companies)

Reference *As of October 1st, 2018

  • Female employee ratio(Major companies including overseas)
  • Female managerial ratio(Major companies including overseas)

Outside honors and awards

Working Women's Empowerment Award

Working Women's Empowerment Award
Honorable Mention


Prize for Encouragement

The Social Participation of Women Award
Award of excellence
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